The Natural Way To 
Heal Your Gut + Emotional Trauma

The Natural Way To Heal Your Gut + Emotional Trauma

Trust Your Gut Academy

  • ​Stop feeling guilty and obsessing over diets and exercise
  • Naturally lose weight, stop bloat, and increase energy
  • ​Stop migraines, heal your gut, lower anxiety, and get better sleep
  • ​End chronic pain and illness, and reverse aging
  • End food addictions and binging
  • ​Learn what foods are good and bad for you specifically
  • Improve your mindset and relationship with food
  • ​Reconnect with your body and grow self-love
  • ​Begin your inner child healing journey
  • ​Change your habits for a sustainable healthy lifestyle

A Coaching Program Designed To Help You 
Heal Your Gut and Your Emotional Trauma, Naturally 

Learn To Heal Your Body naturally so you can stop obsessing
over diet and exercise, And Set Your Health on Autopilot

Trust Your Gut Academy Course Content
In 8 weeks you'll heal the symptoms of chronic illness (such as  bloat, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, low energy, headaches/migraines, brain fog, trouble concentrating, anger, anxiety, psoriasis, arthritis, period pain, hives, acne, signs of aging, and stubborn weight gain). You'll also learn what foods to eat and what foods to replace, end emotional eating, grow self love through healing past emotional trauma, and completely change your lifestyle to easily follow healthy habits. Here's how:

We cut through the noise and finally teach you exactly how to eat in order to balance your body. We’ll help you achieve stability in your body and lower your inflammation through a simple nutrition changes that anyone can follow. You’ll never have to deprive yourself or feel guilty. You’ll notice your taste buds change to enjoy healthier foods, and you’ll watch your body start to feel and look better, younger, and healthier. Instead of constantly fighting for your health, you’ll get to relax and enjoy the benefits that naturally come from eating well.

You don’t have to constantly work hard to achieve health and your “perfect” body - that is a lie. We’ll shift your perspective on food and exercise so you can stop feeling guilty, and focus on more important things in your life. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle of treating yourself well. Eating well is something that you do for yourself - it is the treat, it’s being kind to yourself and gifting yourself health and longevity. You'll also work through childhood trauma blocks and limiting beliefs, so you can start to truly love and believe in yourself, and stop escaping your emotional pain through food and alcohol.

Food is what makes it possible for us to be alive, and you’ll learn how connected gut health is to whole body health. Did you know that heart and gum disease are directly related to gut health? All disease stems from chronic inflammation, which starts in the gut. We’ll get you reconnected and listening to your own body, so you’ll know for yourself what feels good and what hurts you.

We’re taught so many lies about food, nutrition, health, emotional trauma, and exercise. Industry and money has a lot to do with what we’re culturally taught is the right way to eat and live, even though it’s actually killing us. It’s not your fault that you feel unable to stop eating certain foods that you know hurt you, but it is your responsibility to prioritize yourself, learn the truth, and make changes towards health.  

Living clean has become an overused term, but there is a lot of value in a clean lifestyle, and it’s totally achievable. Over the course of the program, we’ll get you from stressed, tired, and constantly living in pain, to energetic, light, healthy, and happy in your body and mind. We’ll teach you how to easily incorporate eating well and choosing clean products so you’ll quickly start seeing and feeling the benefits of less inflammation in your body. We’ll leave all the guilt and negativity behind for good. 




Health & Happiness

Course Length:

8 weeks

Course Format:

Online & Virtual
What is it?
Trust Your Gut Academy is an 8-week online course with weekly live group calls, daily support, and a private community. It will show you how to naturally heal your gut, improve chronic pain and illness, end emotional eating, work through childhood trauma and limiting beliefs, lose weight and gain energy. All while no longer feeling guilty or obsessing over diets and exercise.
Who is it for?
Trust Your Gut Academy is for anybody ready to end the cycle of pain and illness, emotional eating, diets, anxiety, and emotional trauma. If you're ready to live life as the healthiest version of yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically, then this is for you. It works for anybody, regardless of previous experience or current state.
Where does it happen?
Trust Your Gut Academy is online, and consists of training videos, a 305 page in-depth workbook, live coaching calls, and a Facebook community. You'll complete the course online and on your own schedule.
How does it work?
You watch the videos and fill out the associated workbook pages for each week, as well as complete any meditations or mental exercises, using the provided tools and worksheets. Ask questions in the Facebook community or on the live coaching calls. Follow the process, and you'll get the results.
When does it start?
Trust Your Gut Academy starts the minute you are accepted into the program. Once you are in, you'll have lifetime access to the content and can start implementing it immediately. You'll see results in as little as a few days.
Why does it exist?
I created Trust Your Gut Academy because I realized that mainstream medicine does not heal our bodies and minds - it's simply a bandaid. You can heal chronic pain and illness, as well as emotional pain where you feel stuck and limited. You deserve to be happy and healthy, to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. I'll teach you how to look and feel your best naturally, without any gimmicks or supplements.
Are You Ready To Change Your Life?


Here's How It Works
To truly look and feel your best from the inside out, you need more than just diet and exercise -- you need the right guidance and a supportive environment. That's why Trust Your Gut Academy provides 
a proven process, video training, social community, and live mentorship.
Proven Process
Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are tested and proven to work. You'll learn exactly what to eat and what to avoid, how to best move your body, and how to change your mindset to optimize your health and fitness, without deprivation, dieting, or supplements.
Supportive Community
It's hard to change your life surrounded by people who don't understand what you're doing. Join an active community of other people to share your wins, get support, make friends, and have fun!
Expert Mentorship
No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to health expertise inside my Facebook community, as well as weekly coaching sessions to answer any questions and keep you accountable.
Will It Work For Me?


Will this program work? Here's what my past students are experiencing after completing the Academy:
Trust Your Gut Academy Testimonial
(click to watch video)

Adrianne says...
"The entire program was so much more than I ever expected.."

"I am so so happy that I jumped in. I absolutely loved how Julia made me really look at the reasons why, and create changes from that. I’m now actually in touch with my emotions and physical needs, and I can make positive healthy decisions based on that. Thank you so much Julia, this has really been life changing. I hope everyone else will see this and jump in too!"

- Adrianne
Trust Your Gut Academy Testimonial
(click to watch video)

Ana says...
"I am already seeing a lot of changes within myself - more love, more respect..."

"Julia is an incredible coach and makes me feel like I have someone who is really caring and interested and just super supportive about my own experience. She is helping me take care of myself. I couldn't recommend her program any more than I already am. "

- Ana
Trust Your Gut Academy Testimonial
(click to watch video)

Sophie says...
"I had no idea that there were so many foods that are inflammatory..."

"I learned a ton in the program! After cutting the recommended foods out of my diet I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt and my gut health - way less inflamed and overall better. I am so thankful to Julia and I recommend this program to anyone who feels like there's something they can change about their diet that’ll make them feel better, because it was awesome for me."

- Sophie
Learn the Way That Best Suits You
Trust Your Gut Academy comes with online video training, social community, and live mentorship.
Online Membership Platform
Watch our training videos in a beautiful members area, download the 305 page workbook and step-by-step guides, and access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world.
Expert Mentorship and Coaching
Get personalized mentorship and coaching to help move past anywhere you feel stuck, and move forward with ease. You'll get text access to Julia, and 24/7 support inside of our private online community.
Supportive Online Community
Join a supportive community of other people who are on the same journey as you. Working to heal yourself can be isolating when others don't support or understand your choice to prioritize yourself. Share your struggles and your wins, get inspired by other's progress, ask questions, make friends, and have fun!
Here's a Summary of Everything You Get
This is not your typical "Wellness Course". We provide you with everything you need to successfully look and feel your best ever, and to create life-changing habits that make physical, mental, and emotional health an easy long-lasting lifestyle.

Trust Your Gut Academy

  • ​Stop feeling guilty and obsessing over diets and exercise
  • Naturally lose weight, stop bloat, and increase energy
  • ​Stop migraines, heal your gut, lower anxiety, and get better sleep
  • ​End chronic pain and illness, and reverse aging
  • End food addictions and binging
  • ​Learn what foods are good and bad for you specifically
  • Improve your mindset and relationship with food
  • ​Reconnect with your body and grow self-love
  • ​Begin your inner child healing journey
  • ​Change your habits for a sustainable healthy lifestyle

Lily says...
"Julia gave me a new perspective on living a healthier lifestyle."

"Julia is extremely knowledgeable and has helpful tips to make lifelong changes much easier. Having a new mindset around diet and exercise changed everything and made my goals more attainable and less challenging."

- Lily V. 

Sophia says...
"Julia showed me a long term view of wellness."

"Julia has a wealth of knowledge about holistic health practices, ranging from physical fitness tips to dietary best practices. Her approach recognizes the challenges in breaking habits, and ensures sustainable success."

- Sophia F.

Ana Sofia says...
“Speaking with Julia about my gut health was eye opening. ”

“I had no idea that the food I eat has an effect on aging! I also thought if I work out more, I’d be more fit, but I constantly felt bloated. Speaking with her inspired me to change how I eat and exercise, and I'm seeing incredible results.”

- Ana Sofia 

Why It Works
Chronic inflammation, negative thinking, and emotional eating habits are the cause 
for your pain and suffering associated with diet, fitness, health, and lack of self love. 
And this is exactly what we work through in Trust Your Gut Academy.
Reducing Chronic Inflammation
Do you have bloat? Gas? Acid? Headaches? Low energy? Stubborn weight gain? Bad sleep? Allergies? Autoimmune issues? Acne? Psoriasis? Arthritis? Anxiety? Early signs of aging? Swelling? Under-eye circles? IBS? Poor digestion? 

These are all issues caused by chronic inflammation. In fact, inflammation is what causes most disease, disfunction, and pain in the body and mind. Reducing chronic inflammation by replacing inflammatory foods and learning tools to lower stress will heal you physically from the inside out, and your symptoms will disappear, quickly.
Healing Your Mindset
In our society, we are taught to have a negative mindset. We are taught to expect the worst, to always feel like you're not good enough, to have a victim mentality. But the truth is that you have full control over your life.

By diving deep into your identity, limiting beliefs, and the mean voices in your head (that aren't actually you), TYGA gives you back the power of choice and awareness. The only way to improve what happens in your life is to change how you think, feel, and react, and you'll learn how to do this step-by-step.
This is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet
As you know, diets are not sustainable. You can't deprive yourself of a food forever - it leads to binging and guilt. The solution is simple: changing your habits and lifestyle so that healthy behaviors are just part of your routine. 

We do this by creating space between event (e.g. feeling sad and wanting ice cream) and action (eating ice cream), and making choice conscious, rather than reactionary. By changing habits, as well as addressing emotional eating at the core, choosing health and long-term happiness becomes a normal part of your routine.
What does this program help with?
Here's a shortened list of what you'll be able to heal with Trust Your Gut Academy:
- bloat / gas
- acid reflux
- constipation
- diarrhea
- low energy / fatigue
- headaches / migraines
- brain fog
- trouble concentrating
- anger
- signs of aging / under-eye circles
- anxiety
- eczema / psoriasis / rosacea
- arthritis
- hives
- acne / hormonal acne
- stubborn weight gain
- chronic pain
- long-COVID symptoms
- autoimmune complications
- bad immune system / allergies
- painful periods
- hormonal imbalance
- pain from fibromyalgia / lupus / PCOS / endometriosis / etc.
- hormonal imbalances
- pre-diabetic markers
- high blood pressure
- self-esteem / depression
- lack of motivation
and much more...
How does it work if it's not custom?
The root cause of disease is the same for everyone: inflammation in the gut caused by inflammatory foods + high levels of cortisol from stress. Removing the core issue will stop the symptoms, which are just your body's way of communicating that something is wrong. My clients see results within just a couple of days of starting.
Doctors told me there's no cure.
That's a lie! All physical pain and disease stems from chronic inflammation. Once you lower the inflammation in your body, the pain and symptoms you're experiencing will naturally go away. Doctors are not trained in healing, they are trained in symptom maintenance and reduction. They don't understand how the body all works together.
Doesn't it take years to heal disease?
No! This is a limiting belief. All of my clients see massive healing in their bodies, minds, and emotions as quickly as within a few days. During the 8-week program, your body and mindset will completely shift - you won't even recognize your old self.
I don't have willpower, will this work for me?
Yes! Willpower is a lie you've been told. You don't need willpower - you need: 1. better habits, 2. awareness, and 3. healing emotional trauma. You'll get all of this in the program. You don't need willpower to heal your body and change how you eat.
Do I have to go vegan?
No. This program will teach you what foods are hurting you, and through the 8-week detox you'll experience how good your body and mind can feel when you're at your best. Ultimately, this program is about giving you the power to consciously choose what you eat. After the detox, the self-awareness you have will allow you to make the best choices for yourself. You won't be pressured to fit into any type of diet or lifestyle.
Is this a diet program?
No. You will actually be eating more, and you'll naturally lose weight if you are holding on to excess weight. Most people under-eat, which causes your body to go into starvation mode, where you actually hold on to fat because your body thinks you're starving, and cortisol (stress hormone) is released because your body is in fight or flight constantly. Eating enough and no longer being afraid of calories will give you physical and emotional freedom.
Will I lose weight doing this program?
If you have excess weight, yes, you will. All of my clients lose between 15-80 pounds (depending on how much extra they're holding on to) within the 8 weeks, most without any exercise. The weight comes off as you lower the chronic inflammation in your gut. This works for men and women.
I'm skeptical, but I don't know what else to try.
That's ok. If you follow the program step-by-step, you will see massive results. You don't have to believe it, you just have to prioritize yourself and commit to doing the steps. If you don't see any results after following the program steps (this has never happened), I will work with you 1:1 until we get you the results, or your money back. I care about your health and your success in this program, and will make sure that it happens for you.
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It's Time To Stop Letting Food & Pain Control Your Life

DISCLAIMER: The results stated above are personal results. Please understand that our results are not typical, we are not implying you will duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. We are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All fitness and health entails massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.

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